The Go Go’s have a song called This Town. The lyrics go, This town is our town, this town so glamorous. Golfito is anything but glamorous, as I have mentioned before Dave calls it “a dirty little port town”. I have learned to love Golfito; it really grows on you.  Here is a cool picture of Golfito from 1976 and one from more recent years.  It has not changed much at all.IMG_1414IMG_1408

We had a fabulous last day in Golfito. We took a water taxi over to the island with 3 other gringos we met.  Here is a water taxi selfie.

We ate langosta and pargo entero. Both were really good. Dave and I swam in the warm water. Although the tide was coming in there was a strong tide pulling us out quickly. We had to fight it, we could have been washed out to sea. In the end it was a great day.IMG_1747


After a fun day in the sun we took naps, showered and went to dinner at Mariscos. We had some interesting shrimp dinners. I have never had shrimp with its tentacles and claws still on it.IMG_1752

We then headed to Latitude 8*. We could not finish out our trip without a final visit to see all our gringo friends. Latitude 8* is a fun place where the local gringos hang out to watch football, listen to 80’s music and tell tall tales. Sally and John are the owners and they are hilarious.  Sally lets visitors write their name, date and where they are from on the ceiling. It is fun to see where people have come from. Here is our ceiling shot.IMG_1754

Our last sunset did not disappoint. In fact, we had a gorgeous sunset for the 13 nights that we stayed in Golfito.DSC00401

Here is a view of Golfito from up on tower road that overlooks the gulf.IMG_1264

Goodbye, dirty little port town.  Until next year.IMG_0059