We are towards the end of our trip. We decided that there would be no better place to end our trip than to head back to Manuel Antonio for a few more days.

What we love best about Manuel Antonio is the gorgeous views of the ocean and jungle from the hotel, beautiful sunsets, many variety of birds, animals and of course, the amazing food.

Nothing beats the view of the ocean from the pool area.

When we arrived the town was really crowded. We were spoiled when we came last month.  We did not see as much wildlife this time here, but we did see a monkey from our balcony in a distant tree. image

Dave got swimmer’s ear and he could not shake it and it turned him sick. Poor thing, not a way to end the trip. We did have a few pool days and did enjoy some beautiful sunsets. I have over 100 pictures of sunsets and it is hard to just choose a few for this blog.image


Costa Verde has  converted all their light covers around the property and the rooms with old liqour bottles. I think it is a clever idea and it obviously took much thought and skill to cut the glass. Here are a few from around the property and our room as well. image

The last night of our stay in Manuel Antonio we sat outside on the balcony and watched the sun go down  this picture is my favorite from the entire trip be ause it captures relaxation and beauty. This was truly a peaceful moment that I caught on camera. It made me so happy to see Dave relaxing and sensing a calm in his aura.image