We drove to San Jose for a few days before heading home. We are tired and have the end-of-vacation-blues

We are close to the airport. Here is a view of the airport from our hotel room. I just loved watching the Costa Rican flag fly in the wind. image

We have never explored around San Jose so we figured we would drive around and see what we could see. We stopped in Grecia for a yummy breakfast and then drove by their big church. The town center was really crowded and had a lot of cars on the road so we did not stop and walk around. image

Next, we stopped in Sarchí and stopped in the town center where they had a church and a decorative coffee cart. The colors and the details on the cart were spectacular. The cart was huge and behind a huge fence so it was hard to take pictures. image

The church was also very beautiful  I loved all the details on the church.image


We then headed to Naranjo. This town was very busy, but we found a parking spot in the town center and got to enjoy our surroundings. There was a statue of a huge coffee mug.image

Next to the coffe mug was their church.image


While walking around to take pictures we saw the cutest pair of parrots up in a tree.imageWe are sad to leave Costa Rica as it feels like our second home.  In the month we were visiting we had many adventures, laughs and created memories to last a lifetime. Until next year,  Pura Vida!